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241 Things

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Tropes: a significant or recurrent theme; a motif.

The moment is inevitable. You’re in your studio, you’re working on a piece and a certain uneasy feeling creeps over you: you’ve seen this before. Or otherwise, you’ve felt happily contented with a completed work, satiated in state of smug recline... until you scroll through that blog or walk into that exhibition space and come across another artist’s work that undermines any sense of originality you ever hoped to have.

But fear not! You are not alone.

Perhaps we should be grateful for our ability to tap into the ‘cloud’ and make amends with fears of falling into the derivative. After all, one could argue that art making is essentially a social act (what is the artwork without the other?) so we might feel comforted by our inclusion into a world of like-minded colleagues, rather than feel the paralysing fear of appropriating one of the many art world tropes.

See, you might almost find it's unavoidable:

1. Plants

Melani Bonajo, Gabriele Beveridge
Alejandro Almanza Pereda

2. Digital Material Goods

Mikkel Carl
Yves Scherer
David Jablonowski
Yuri Pattison

3. Foam

Folkert de Jong and Stacy Fisher
David Bade

4. The Neons

Sarkis and Cerith Wyn Evans
Claire Fontaine

5. Forever Gradients

Nicolas Deshayes and Alex da Corte
Adam Faramawy

6. Cool Steel

Alice Khalilova, Brian Dooley
Anne de Vries
7. Nonchalant Leaving of Clothing on Art
Tom Burr and Marie Lund

8. The Revival of the Classics

Oliver Laric and Charlie Billingham
Jamie Sneider

9. Marble Mania

Gabriele Beverdige and George Henry Longly
Pierre Clement

10. Home Decor

Ola Vasiljeva
Nairy Baghramian
marc camille chaimowicz

Once upon a time, in 1913, Kandinsky predicted an art of pure consciousness, where we would find ourselves dematerialised and, in a state of telepathy, exhibit our artworks spirit to spirit. We might not be there yet, but it seems our spirits often end up sourcing from the same fountain.

There you have it. Now don't worry, go out, make stuff.