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1000 Things is a subjective encyclopedia of inspirational ideas, things, people, and events.

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239 Things

1000 Things is an encyclopedia of inspiring ideas, things, remarkable persons, and events.

The site focuses on anything that could be a possible source of inspiration for artists. Just about every artist has a specific interest, has idols, heroes, or hobbies. The texts that you’ll find on this site explore these special subjects in both a personal and informative way and are written by a diverse range of people: artists, scientists, philosophers, students, musicians, theoreticians, antiquarians and so on.

One can wander within 1000 Things and come across all sorts of interesting and surprising matters. It’s a site whose source lies in The Hague, The Netherlands, but will expand and collaborate with artists and academies from all over. Information, thoughts, and ideas will make their way to the site from the corners of the world and reach an international audience.

1000 Things was conceived and designed by LUST and is maintained from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in The Hague by the editorial team together with editor-in-chief Hanne Hagenaars.

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