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241 Things

Pierre Derks is an independent graphic designer from The Hague, who works on self-initiated and commissioned projects. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague with the Dirk Pereres Project (a collection of personal and sensitive documents) and later developed the Miniscule Blue Helmets on a Massive Quest Project.

Miniscule soldiers on a massive quest.

Less is more? Although there is nothing wrong with minimalism in design and leaving out unnecessary elements, the power of magnitude shouldn't be denied.

A bunch of bits is needed to make just one single byte (let alone the number of bits needed for one terabyte) and a mass of drops to form an ocean. The video ‘Kwaliteit van Kwantiteit’ (Quality of Quantity) by Dutch designer/artist Pierre Derks is based on the principle that volume or amount do matter. Recurrent theme in his work is the use of found footage and in this video shows the inexhaustibility of the online available imagery. By using worldwide stereotypes in photography, the video reflects the lack of ingenuity or imagination when it comes to making pictures.

Pierre Derks - Kwaliteit van Kwantiteit

The video 'Kwaliteit van Kwantiteit' (Quality of Quantity) is by Dutch designer/artist Pierre Derks and is based on the principle that volume or amount do matter.