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241 Things

Daniil Kharms (1905-42) mainly made a living writing children's books in Leningrad. He also wrote poems and absurd short stories, often published in underground magazines, after the avant-garde literary societies that Kharms was associated with were banned by the Stalin regime.

In 1931 Kharms was convicted of anti-Soviet activity and spent a year in prison and exile in Kursk. In 1937 his children's books were confiscated by the authorities, and deprived of his main source of income Kharms was often on the brink of starvation in the following years. He continued to write short, grotesque stories, which weren't published, but merely stored in Kharms' desk drawer.

In August 1941, shortly before the terrible siege of Leningrad, Kharms was arrested a second time, accused of "spreading defeatist propaganda". During the trial Kharms was declared non compos mentis and was incarcerated in a military prison. In February 1942, while Leningrad was ravaged by famine, Kharms starved to death in prison

November 1927

1.Do something useful every day.

2.Study and practice karman and hatha yoga.

3.Don’t go to bed later than two, and don’t wake up later than 12, except in exceptional cases.

4.Stretch your body every morning and evening and massage yourself with warm cloths.


6.Get out of bed upon waking up, do not give into slumber or the urge to smoke.

7.When you get up alone, you must immediately perform a concrete task.

8.Limit your amount of sleepover guests, and try to sleep in your own house as much as possible.

9.Only develop ideas that are realistic, but once conceived: carry them out!

10.Use your time wisely.

K(reutz) U(nd) M(arie), K. en M., K.enM. N(ikolaj) W(onderdoer) h(elp)m(e).