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241 Things

Daniel Jensen’s (1979, Denmark) work deals with subjects like alienation, failure and transformation by exploring issues of contemporary society and nature. Within the world of his art, populated by shadowy characters, man and nature revert to a more primitive state.

What I love about folk art is that it doesn’t pay attention to the restrictive notions of contemporary art. Actually, it’s a bit of a shame that spending years at the art academy means that my work no longer holds the true naivety that I yearn for. Still, I make use of easily available unorthodox materials like hand-painted advertising signage and posters for events and fast food restaurants. Simply because they embody different aspects of contemporary culture.

My grandfather used to make beautiful garden gnomes and animal sculptures in plaster and concrete. His garden was full of them. I also remember the beautiful windmill that he built in wood and concrete, in the exact style of the mills in southern Sweden, where I grew up.